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PG Diploma in Software Testing

The Post Graduate Diploma in Software Testing is a specialized program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of software testing and quality assurance. This program focuses on providing students with expertise in various software testing methodologies, tools, and techniques to ensure the delivery of reliable and high-quality software products.

duration : 02 Years
Category : Computer Science or Information Technology

The benefits of an online PG Diploma in Software Testing

  • Skill Development: An online diploma program allows you to develop specialized skills in software testing, enhancing your employability in the software development industry.
  • Industry-Relevant Content: Reputable online diploma programs are designed to align with industry demands, ensuring that you learn the latest tools and techniques used in software testing.
  • Career Advancement: Completing a Software Testing diploma can open doors to various job opportunities in software quality assurance and testing roles.
  • Practical Application: Diploma programs often emphasize practical learning, allowing you to work on real-world testing projects and gain hands-on experience.
  • Flexibility: Online learning provides the flexibility to study at your own pace and fit the coursework around your existing commitments.
  • Cost-Effective: Diploma programs are often more affordable and require less time commitment than full-fledged degree programs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Online programs may provide networking opportunities to connect with instructors, industry professionals, and fellow students, expanding your professional network.
  • Pathway to Further Studies: An online diploma can serve as a foundation for further studies or certifications in software testing and related fields.

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Learnings in PG Diploma in Software Testing

  • Software Testing Fundamentals: Understanding the basics of software testing, including testing methodologies, test planning, and test case design.
  • Test Automation: Learning how to automate software testing using popular automation tools and frameworks.
  • Test Management: Studying techniques for managing test environments, test data, and defect tracking.
  • Functional Testing: Exploring functional testing techniques to verify that the software meets specified requirements.
  • Performance Testing: Understanding performance testing methodologies to assess the responsiveness and stability of software under different conditions.
  • Security Testing: Learning how to identify and address security vulnerabilities in software applications.
  • Regression Testing: Studying regression testing approaches to ensure that new changes do not negatively impact existing functionality.


Successful completion of the program shall award the degree titled - Post Graduate Diploma in Software Testing. The Visvesvaraya Technological University is UGC and NAAC accredited to offer the online Post Graduate Diploma in Software Testing Degree program. The degree holds the same merit as a regular one. It’s universally accepted and validated for further education and job prospects.


Candidate should have passed BCA / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree, OR Passed B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.A. with Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Applications at 10+2 level.

Candidates in their final year can apply with the last completed semester results. Candidates with work experience will have an added advantage for admissions.

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  • Database Management System
  • Computer Organization
  • DBMS Lab
  • C Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Using C++
  • Python Programming
  • System Software
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Python Lab
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