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Master of Computer Application Online Degree program

Online Master of Computer Application (MCA) programs are designed to provide advanced education and training in computer science and its applications. MCA is a postgraduate program that focuses on developing professionals with strong technical and managerial skills in the field of information technology. Online MCA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of computer science and applications. The curriculum typically includes both theoretical and practical aspects to prepare students for careers in the field of information technology.

duration : 02 Years
Category : Computer Application

The Benefits of An Online MCA (Master of Computer Application)

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Online MCA programs provide flexibility in terms of scheduling. Students can access course materials and lectures at any time, allowing them to balance their studies with work or other commitments.
  • Access to a Variety of Resources: Online MCA programs often leverage digital resources, providing students with access to a wide range of educational materials, research papers, and virtual labs.
  • Cost Savings: Online programs may have lower tuition fees compared to traditional on-campus options, and students can save money on commuting, accommodation, and other related expenses.
  • Customized Learning Experience: Online MCA programs often offer self-paced learning opportunities. Students can progress through the material at their own speed, allowing for a more personalized learning experience.
  • Career Advancement: An MCA degree is highly valued in the IT industry and can open up new career opportunities and paths for advancement.
  • Global Networking Opportunities: Online MCA programs attract students from diverse backgrounds and locations, creating a global network of professionals.
  • Technology Integration: Pursuing an MCA online allows students to develop strong digital literacy skills. They become adept at using various online tools, collaboration platforms, and project management systems, which are valuable skills in today's tech-driven workplace.
  • Adaptability to Industry Trends: Online programs can be updated more quickly to reflect the latest industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring that students receive education that aligns with the current state of the field.

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Learnings in Master of Computer Application (MCA)

  • Programming Languages: Students usually learn multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and others. They gain proficiency in coding, algorithm design, and problem-solving.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: MCA programs cover fundamental data structures (arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs) and algorithms.
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS): Understanding database concepts, normalization, SQL, and hands-on experience with popular database systems like MySQL, Oracle, or MongoDB is a key component of the curriculum.
  • Operating Systems: Knowledge of operating system principles, processes, memory management, file systems, and networking is crucial for MCA graduates.
  • Computer Networks: MCA students typically learn about network protocols, architecture, security, and various networking technologies.
  • Software Engineering: Concepts of software development life cycle, project management, software testing, and quality assurance are often covered.
  • Web Technologies: Understanding web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React or Angular, is essential.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: With the growing importance of AI and ML, MCA programs may include courses covering the basics of these fields, including machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and data analytics.
  • Cybersecurity: Given the increasing threats in the digital world, MCA programs often include courses on cybersecurity, covering topics such as encryption, network security, and ethical hacking.
  • Mobile Computing: Students may learn about mobile application development, covering both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Cloud Computing: Understanding cloud services, deployment models, and cloud architectures are becoming increasingly important.
  • Soft Skills and Management: MCA programs may also focus on developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.


Successful completion of the program shall award the degree titled - Master of Computer Application (MCA). The Visvesvaraya Technological University is UGC and NAAC accredited to offer the online Digital Marketing Degree program. The degree holds the same merit as a regular one. It’s universally accepted and validated for further education and job prospects.


Candidate should have passed BCA / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree, OR Passed B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.A. with Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Applications at 10+2 level.

  • Mathematical Foundation for Computer Application
  • Operating System
  • Database Management System
  • Programming Using C
  • C Programming Lab
  • Database Management Lab
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Object Oriented Programming Using Python
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Python Lab
  • Web Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming Using Java
  • Analysis & Design of Algorithm
  • Elective-I
    • Data Analytics Using Python
    • Introduction to Data Mining
    • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Web Programming Lab
  • Programming using Java Lab
  • Elective-II
    • Cloud Computing
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Cyber Security Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Elective - III
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Block Chain Technology
    • Machine Learning
  • Major Project
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